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    Installing Thermal Printer for use with CDP Teller


    If you need to install/re-install a thermal printer to print from CDP Teller:

    1. Press Start(Windows button) -> All programs -> CDP E-Sig Plus Folder

    2. Select Tools -> Install GenericT Teller Printer

    3. A command prompt will run.

    4. First, enter the IP address of the Thermal printer you wish to print to from this workstation. If you don't know the IP address, you can perform an Open-Feed-Close and print out a receipt with the IP information on it. To perform an Open-Feed-Close:

    • Press the open button on the top of the printer to pop the lid of the Thermal Printer open.
    • Press the Feed button.
    • Close the lid of the Thermal printer.

    5. Once the IP address has been entered, you will then select whether the port will be 9100 or not.

    • If this is an Ethernet printer, answer Y.
    • If this printer is connected to a Digi Term Server, answer N.

    6. If you answered Y, the installation will finish running and close the prompt.

    7. If you answered N, enter the port number that the Thermal printer is plugged into on the Digi Term Server.

    8. The installation will complete and the prompt will close.

    Below is a picture of the prompt:

    If you selected N, it will prompt you for a port number:

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