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    Why do I need CDP Manage?


    CDP Manage is a paperless document management suite.

    Documents can be scanned or otherwise transferred into Manage to be completed or stored for later retrieval. In conjunction with our Websign product, no physical printing is necessary to complete a document that requires customer and/or employee signatures or acknowledgments.

    As everything can be done online, it is not even necessary for individual signatories and/or Credit Union representatives to be assembled in a single location. Provided an individual has internet access, a document can either be moved from Manage into Websign or directly uploaded to Websign itself, set up with the necessary signature requirements, transferred to signatories, signed, and closed. Finished documents are stored in your associated database; these documents cannot be altered, however they can be looked up and accessed.

    In addition, Websign features options that enable you to require signatories to upload documents to accompany the signed forms.  This allows copies of required documents to be collected and stored alongside required forms without requiring interaction between parties or manual delivery of documents.

    As Manage is a suite to manage documents electronically, uploaded and stored documents can be indexed into appropriate departmental functions. Individual user's account access can be limited, although this is not recommended. Additionally, Manage also features a search function, which can be used to easily locate pending documents.

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