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    Rearranging Pages in CDP Manage


    CDP Manage gives you the flexibility to put the pages of the document in the order that best meets your needs.  Rearranging pages can be done at the time the document was initially loaded from your Data Processor / Virtual Printer or pulled out of pending and put into Edit mode.  When a page is moved to a new spot within the document affected pages will be shifted accordingly.

    The following are the two methods to move pages to a new location within the document:

    Drag-and-Drop – Select the specific page tab (see below), hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor to the appropriate spot within the page order and release the mouse button.  Note: The page must be released within the page tabs.  You will see a black circle with a line through it if you drag the page to a location on the document that does not support Drag-and-Drop.



    Right-Click – Right-click on top of a specific page tab.  A dialog box will display asking for the input of a new page number for the specific page selected.  The following dialog box will appear if page 7 is right clicked on:



    After entering in the new page number and selecting OK, the page will move, any affected pages will be adjusted accordingly and the document will be left at the current position.

    Clicking the “Reposition to the new page” option, will display the page that was just moved.

    Note: If the number entered is larger than the number of pages within the document, the page will be moved to the last page.

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