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    Performing an Inquiry in CDP Manage


    Launch CDP Manage manually.  Go through Start > Programs > CDP E-Sig Plus > CDP Manage.  Once the application is open, choose Document > Inquiry. 

    This will launch a new window that will contain a tree of the Groups/Types setup for your organization. Notice that it will show you the number of saved documents per type. It will display the total number of Pending documents as well. Clicking the Pending check box will update the number of documents, per Type, to reflect the Pending count.

    When searching for a document, the more indexing information that is filled in, the fewer and more specific the results will be.  It is recommended that you always search by the Member Number, at a minimum. 

    Once the indexing information is filled in, press the Search button and CDP Manage will pull all the documents that meet the search criterion.  Next, locate the desired document in the search results and click on it.  It will launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and the document will be displayed in Acrobat Reader, within CDP Manage.

    The user may do 2 things while viewing the document from inquiry.  They are: 1) scan in additional supporting documents or 2) print the document. 

    To print the document, the user must push the Print button.  It will pull the list of installed Windows printers.  Select the desired printer and press OK.

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