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    Scan was aborted because the scanner is not powered on or not connected properly


    Is scanner connected to PC?

          Unplug and plug in (try a different usb port, not monitor)

    Is the the correct USB cable - no extensions or adaptors?

    Check device manager, is scanner showing up as installed correctly?

    Are drivers installed?

          If windows 7 - is it 32 or 64 bit? is the correct driver installed?

               (note: scanner model PS600-10 does not have 64 bit drivers)

    Is the correct scanner installed in CDP software?

         CDPCentral - tools > setup > password* > scanners tab > select scanner > save > close CDPCentral (also exit CDP Teller, close receiver, open receiver)

        CDPManage - Document > select scanner > select correct scanner


    *Call CDP for assistance if you do not know password.



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