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    Excella STX has IRes=23 error

    1. USB Connection:
      1. Verify in CDPCentral that it is set to STX_USB
      2. Ensure that the scanner is connected to the PC
      3. Ensure that the scanner is powered on. Light should be green.
      4. Open CMD prompt
      5. Ping
      6. Verify it is listed as Network Adapter in Device Manager.
      7. It should be working….
    2. Ethernet Connection:
      1. The IP of the STX can be found at C:\Windows\MICRDEV.ini under STX_ETHER
        1. Make sure that you can ping the IP Address of the printer
        2. Open a Start > Run > Enter
          1. Ping IP_Address
            1. If Ping fails:
              1. Check that the STX is powered on
              2. Check that it is connected to the network
              3. Check that the network connection is live



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