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    Upgrading to an Ethernet Module


    Thermal Printer Module Upgrade

    1. You need the MultiConfig scan utility to configure your printer. This can be obtained either by email or we can remote in and transfer it over to your pc.
    2. You will need a small Phillips screwdriver.
      1. The module is located at the BACK of the printer and is held in by 2 screws. Remove all cables and remove the old module – put in your new module.
      2. This is a module:
      3. Once the module is in place, turn printer upside down, remove the silver panel that is held in by one screw – inside the printer are the dip switches.


    Note: If the dipswitches are improperly set the printer will not work.

    DSW1                    All Off  (if you had parallel they are already off, if you had serial then 7 is on – shut that one off)

    DSW2                    1, 4, 8 ON (Parallel would have had 1,4, 7,&8 on; Serial would have 4 on)


    The logo is already inside your printer. All that is left at this point is to launch the scan utility and configure the printer. Note: if you previously had serial please make sure you are not plugged into the digiport. If you cannot scan for the printer it is likely the other end of the Ethernet cable is in the wrong device. It should be in a router, switch or hub.

    At this point – you will need an IP address to put in the printer.  If you have that – then double click the Multi-Config file the window shown below should launch:

    Highlight the printer that is being configured.

    Click on configure selected and a new window will open.


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