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    Re-Index CDP Manage Document


    Occasionally, index information for a CDP Manage document will be inputted incorrectly and will need to be changed before the document can be pushed off-site.

    To find out which (if any) files need to be re-indexed, open your CDP MoveData Logs folder from the server and see if there is a ReindexRequired.txt file in the root of the folder. If there is, then there are files that need to be re-indexed; information describing each of these files (including Title and Member No) can be found inside the ReindexRequired.txt file.


    To Re-Index a CDP Manage document, open the inquiry screen and search for the document using the description and/or the member no. When searching, DO NOT select the Pending checkbox.

    From the search results, select the document that needs to be re-indexed, then click the Reindex button above the document description in the top right corner.

    *Note: If the Reindex button does not appear, you can wait for it to appear tomorrow, or call CDP to have them enable it immediately.

    The two fields that need to be correct before the document can be pushed off-site are:

    -Date (which cannot be set to a year that has not occurred yet)

    -DMSDocID (must be an ID that exists in DMS or iDS; this is always a 12-digit number that begins with a year. For example, 2015XXXXXXXX)


    Once the indexes are updated, press the Save button at the top of the screen. This document should be pushed offsite tonight.

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