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    MS810/MS610 - Remove Password From Lexmark Printer


    There may be instances when you are shipped a replacement printer from Lexmark and it is password protected or perhaps it was locked down and you've forgotten the password.

    There is no way to actually reset the password, but in some instances it can be removed.

    The process below works well with the MS610 or MS810.

    Try this. Turn off the printer. The printer has a jumper. Refer to this image at http://i51.tinypic.com/jsiro2.jpg The jumper is plugged in to a 3-pin port but it only uses 2 pins. Move the jumper to use the other 2 pins. When you start the printer, it should have reset all security features.


    Please note if the above does not work or if you have a different printer model, CDP does not password protect the printers and it is best to call Lexmark for instructions on how to reset the printer and remove the password 800.539.6275.

    If they assist with resetting the printer and items no longer print correctly, call CDP so that we can redo your custom printer settings 800.869.0493 x1.


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