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    MS810/MS610 - Notices Print to Wrong Tray, No Format, No Logo


    Notices print to the wrong tray (and do not have formatting, have lost their logo, etc).

    Check the following:

    Are you using the correct LPT number?

    Did this type of notice print correctly before? (if it is a brand new notice it may need to be formatted, please contact Complete Data Products 800.869.0493)

    Is it printing to the wrong tray but the formatting is correct? (make sure you have paper in the tray it should go to, make sure guides are in the correct spot)

    If you are in GUI (or graphical - blue screen galaxy) - make sure the correct form/paper type is selected by using the I command first then use the P command to print. Selecting the wrong form type (i.e. selecting plain paper when actually printing delinquencies) will result in either no print or the print will not be formatted and will go to the wrong tray.

    If these are loan payment coupons and this is your first time using r7 or r8 you may need to have them reformatted as data can move (causing them to not print correctly).

    If you are still having an issue - please contact CDP at 800.869.9493 x1.  

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