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    Calibrating a Signature Pad


    If you notice that where you are writing on the signature pad isn’t showing up on the screen in the correct location, or you can’t select the OK button, it’s time to calibrate the signature pad.

    To begin, pull the USB cable from the sig pad. Then, place the pen in the upper left corner of the LCD screen and hold it there while you plug the USB cable into the sig pad again.

    A small line of dots will appear in the upper left corner of the LCD screen. While holding the pen at a natural writing angle, lift pen tip from display, press pen tip back down on the upper left most dot and hold.

    The mark will disappear from the upper left corner, and reappear in the lower right corner. Now press pen tip on lower right dot and hold.

    You’ll see a graduated pattern flash on the screen from top to bottom. Your tablet is now calibrated and will show any markings made with the pen.

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