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    Thermal Printer Repair




    *Note:  TM-T88II and TM- T88III models are no longer eligible for repair*


    If the printer is a TM-88II or TM-88III, please contact CDP to discuss your options.  For all other models, please follow the process below:
    Please check model of your thermal printer:


    The printer first must be sent to Tower Computer, which is an Epson Repair Center. Tower Computer (address on page 2) will address the hardware issues. If the printer’s problem is Ethernet related it will come back to you following the completion of repairs. If the problem is serial it will come back to CDP so we can ensure custom programming in the module is still intact.  We will contact you upon receipt of the printer.


    Please securely tape your Business Card to the back of the printer. This will identify it as your printer throughout this process.

     Please include in the box:

    1. A brief explanation of the problem with the printer and actual samples (if possible).
    2. If this is a serial printer please attach a note on a sheet of your letterhead, stating: Upon completion please ship to:


    Complete Data Products, Inc.

    5755 New King Drive, Suite 210

    Troy, MI 48098


    1. If this is an Ethernet printer – please have a note stating to return direct to your credit union with the address where you would like it shipped to.


    Please send the printer to:

    Tower Computer

    ATTN: Rick Hunt

    Tower Computer Services 
    25212 Evergreen Road 
    Southfield, MI 48075

    If the printer is under warranty it will be repaired and returned – you will only be responsible for shipping charges. If the printer is not under warranty, you will be quoted a price for repair before work begins.


    Thank you.









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