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    Setting up a printer with CDPTeller


    To install a printer to work with CDPTeller or CDPeTeller to print from, follow the steps below:


    • Once CDPTeller is installed navigate to start>all programs>CDP e-sig plus or Complete Data Products>tools>install genericT Teller printer
    • A command prompt window will show up asking for the IP address of the printer


    • Type in the IP address of the printer and hit enter
    • If you are using a digi terminal server (provided by Galaxy) select ‘n’ and enter the port
    • If you are not using a digi terminal server select ‘y’
    • This will install a windows printer named “CDPTeller_Paper Receipts” and sent a test print job to it right away

    • You may need to go into CDPCentral and make sure the printer settings are pointed correctly \\%PCNAME%\genericT
    • If there are issues printing after that, please call CDP Technical Support for more help: 800-869-0493 option 1
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