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    CDP Teller is not opening


    If CDPTeller is not opening follow this checklist to see where the issue may lie:


              1) Make sure the CDPReceiver is running; This needs to be running to collect               data from the data processor

                        -You can check to see if this is running by looking in the bottom right                        of your screen in your system tray, by your clock


                        -If this is not running, make sure to open the receiver from the                              following path:

                         CDPTeller: Start>All Programs>Carswell Data                                                              Products>CDPReceiver-Teller

                              CDPeTeller: Start>All Programs>Complete Data Products,                                       Inc>CDP E-Teller Receiver

              2) Check to make sure CDPReceivers are allowed through your firewall if                     using a windows firewall

                      -Choose 'Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall'


                   -Make sure all the check boxes are checked on each item that says                       'CDP' on it (this will very depending on what software you have                           installed)



              3) If you have eTeller, open CDPCentral 

                      -Make sure it opens in IE

                      -Click the settings button at the top right of the screen 


                      -Scroll to internet options


                     -Select the Security tab and select Trusted Sites and hit the sites                         button



                 -Type in the URL that is in the window in and press 'add'

                 -Make sure "Require verification (https:)..." is unchecked


               -If the problem still is existing, call us for support 800-869-0493 option 1

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