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    “Cannot communicate with signature pad”


    CDPTeller - Giving message “Cannot communicate with signature pad”


    1) Verify that a signature pad is connected to the PCMake sure the cables in the back of the signature pad and the PC are connected.

     2) Make sure the PC Is recognizing the pad

    Navigate to start>devices and printer>Under unspecified>Topaz HID Tablet should display


    3)  if this reads as “unknown device” or has an error mark next to it, the PC is having issues with the connection

    4) Try a new USB cord or plugging it into a different USB port to get the PC to recognize it

    5) if all that checks out, make sure that CDPTeller is setup for signature pads

    6) Open CDPCentral>Tools>Setup>*Carswell*>Tablet>make sure none is unchecked and dual use is checked



    7) Close down any CDPTeller/Central software that may be running for the change to take effect

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