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    USB Print Server Setup


    Configuring USB Print Server

     1) Insert the Install CD that came with the TP-LINK USB Print Server (if you do not have the disk that came with the product, call CDP Technical support: 800-869-0493 option 1, and we can remote in and drop off the software)

     2) Choose the TL-PS110U option (*Note* If you are having issues installing this, make sure Microsoft Outlook is closed during this process)


     3) Choose Setup Wizard


    • If successful, you should see an installation bar flash on the screen like in the image below:


     4) When you get to this page, click Cancel

     5) Navigate to Start>All Programs>Network Print Server>PSAdmin

     6) Once launched, the software will automatically scan your network for all USB print servers

     7) Double left click on the print server and select the TCP/IP tab and set the print server to the desired IP/Subnet/Gateway



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