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    Cleaning your scanner


    If you happen to notice smudges or streaks on your scans, your scanner may require cleaning. 

    1. Click on the Scan button in CDPManage.

    2. Click Calibrate at the bottom of the new window. 

    Locate the sheet of cleaning fabric that was included in your original scanner packaging. 

    For this part, you will need some rubbing alcohol, or scanner cleaning fluid, or use the spray bottle from your cleaning kit. 

    Place a couple of drops of the rubbing alcohol or cleaning fluid on your cleaning fabric and insert it into the scanner. 

    Click the Clean button.  The scanner will move the sheet back and forth through the scanner a couple of times, and then push the sheet out of the scanner.  After the cleaning is complete, scan your document again.  If you still have some streaks, repeat the process again. 


    Here is a short video if you want to see the process visually. 



    If you have any other questions regarding scanners, or questions in general, please contact us at (800) 869-0493. 

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