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    CDP Teller or CDP Central hangs when launching


    If CDP Teller or CDP Central hangs when launching and you have checked everything else out and it seems to be normal, make sure that you are logged in with installation right and try to download the latest signature pad driver from here (even if a signature pad is not present on the system the applications still need these drivers  in order to perform certain tasks):


    Then choose download sigplus.

    Next launch the installer.  

    Proceed with the prompts and when you get to this screen choose t-l and choose OK

    When you are at this screen choose TLBK 755 or TL755 and choose OK.

    Next choose yes and press ok.

    Now select this HSB setting and choose OK.

    Agree to the license agreement and proceed with installation.

    If asked to restart the workstation choose ok and restart the PC.

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